Aerial Yoga

This is a new and fun way to practice yoga! Using gentle, airy silk hammock, leaning against it, fully jumping up from the ground or even turning upside down.

In the lessons you develop flexibility, strech ties and muscles, employed in the deep muscles extended backbone. Particular attention is paid to the accuracy of movement and proper breathing. Each exercise develops the body and mind and gives joy.

Doing Aerial Yoga greatly improves posture, body plastics and concentration, gives ability to use deep breathing, calm the mind, loosens fun and gives rewarding. For you, for your body and soul! This lesson is designed for adults, sex, age, weight and previous experiences do not matter.

Enjoy the lesson and that feeling for a long time after it!

Aerial yoga occurred in 2007, the United States, a combination of Hatha yoga and circus acrobatics. Creator Michelle Dortignac, is a certified yoga instructor for 20 years, mostly in professional acts as acrobatics artist. She grew up in Colorado, a large part of her time she spent in mountain hiking, camping and the silence of nature. Later, she moved to New York to study dance and get Vinjasa yoga certification. In 2002 dance training was moved from floor to air unlocking exercises in silk hammocks. On average, she practiced at home, circus studios and yoga centers.

What does it provide:

Develops flexibility. One of the key components of Aerial Yoga classes is to develop overall body flexibility and plasticity;

Builds and corrects posture. Continuous pursuit of Aerial yoga significantly improves posture, strengthens and builds the deep muscles;

Teaches deep breathing. In each session a special attention is being paid to proper breathing techniques, which also help long after the lessons;

Releases and extends the spine. Location weightlessness, upside down, proper breathing and body relaxation. Gravity takes over itself - extending the spine, vertebra releases from the spine, relieves stress;

Improves concentration. In lessons a special attention is paid to details, accuracy and pose follow-up on your body well-being, capabilities and the continued improvement;

It calms the mind and relieves unnecessary thoughts. Class time is devoted to the idea of launching your mind and thoughts, all lesson is focused on only yourself and your feelings, and development;

Provides the feeling of elation. Long after the lesson Aerial Yoga gives you joy, airiness and elation sense of peace of mind, a new energy and a smile on the lips;

Relieves stress. Each lesson focuses only on your body and breathing, so by focusing on the most important, the stress disappears and all tension is accumulated during the day.

Provides fun. Each lesson is unique and the other will not be the same, so you do not only focus on your body and feelings, but also to the feeling of lightness and joy it brings, as well as laughter dose if the first attempt does not work so perfect.

Self-management. Aerial Yoga gives the opportunity to try something new, although previously you may have not tried it, but once you try it, there might be a chance that you will start to develop some sort of addiction :) and every time you manage to do a complex exercise, the joy of the feeling NAILED IT will double, we can promise you that!

Increases the sense of balance. With each lesson you will feel some signs of improvement, even if it is only one step forward, but you can feel the result quite soon.

It increases strength. Since Aerial Yoga strengthens the deep muscles, then the result is felt the next day even after one lesson.

It strengthens both tiny muscles and large muscle groups. Like traditional yoga, as well as Aerial Yoga trains strength and flexibility, therefore, it moves even the smallest muscles.

Uncovers muscle groups of whom you did not even know about previously. Thanks to a hammock, you can do unknown body postures and stretch those muscles and knots, which can not be done on the floor.

What is it intended for:

Group classes are designed for adults: both women and men, both young people and seniors in good health, well-being and a healthy lifestyle.

Aerial yoga is suitable for different levels of preparation, it provides endless opportunities for growth and diversification;

Lessons are for adults and adolescents from 16 years of age;

Hammock can hold up to 300kilos.

If you are a beginner, or just the opposite - previously experienced and want to devote particular attention to the acquisition of equipment, and a hammock to explore yoga, you have the opportunity to choose individual lessons. It has the advantage of details, you will receive 100% attention during class exercises will be adapted for your abilities and everything will be contributed to your growth.

What are the limitations:

You can participate in classes, if your health is good, the doctor is authorized it and none of the following points do not apply to you:

  • Flu or cold;
  • Dizziness or fainting;
  • Pregnancy;
  • Menstruation;
  • A recent Botox injection;
  • Recent surgery;
  • Thyroid increase;
  • Too high or low blood pressure;
  • Myocardial infarction (heart attack);
  • Arthritis (joint inflammation);
  • Glaucoma (an eye disease);
  • Otitis media;
  • Sinusitis (sinus infection);
  • Epilepsy (seizures, loss of consciousness, seizures);
  • Osteoporosis (skeletal disease, low bone mass);
  • Spine (vertebrae or discs) problems and illnesses;
  • Brain trauma or inflammation or shock, or tumor;

Despite this, the customer takes responsibility for their health and activities during the  time regulating the intensity!